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We are your professional, full-service partners, providing customized solutions for the international trading of PET.


We have carefully selected our production sites and partners and are in constant contact with them to guarantee quality and strict adherence to our client’s requirements and guidelines.


Depending on your needs, we offer flexible financing arrangements.

Logistics and warehousing

Hertex provides complete end-to-end logistics management for our clients’ transactions. We also offer a full range of storage and warehousing options, customized for your requirements.

With over 40 years of experience in PET and Staple Fiber product transactions, we have the in-depth and international knowledge to expertly handle your orders and transactions anywhere around the world.



Material Typ IV Application Color
RPET Granulat 0.78 - 0.88 Bottles, Sheets clear
RPET Granulat 0.65 - 0.84 Fibers, Sheets, Strappings mixed
Material Form Bulk density Application Color
PET Flakes Flakes 250-350 kg/m3 Fibers, Sheets, Strappings clear
PET Flakes Flakes 250-350 kg/m3 Fibers, Sheets, Strappings mixed

Wir offerieren Ihnen eine komplette Produktlinie für die Verpackungsindustrie sowie für die Faser- und Filamentproduktion. Kontaktieren Sie uns per Email oder Telefon.

PET Virgin Material

Material Typ IV Application
PET Resin 76 - 84 Bottles, Sheets
PET Resin 76 - 84 + 25% RPET Bottles, Sheets
PET G Resin 0.78-0.84 (amorph) Bottles, Sheets, Jars

All PET Resins (excluding PET G) can be produces with fast reheat (FRH) qualitiy.

We offer you a complete line of PET products and specialities for the packaging industry as well as for the fiber and filament production. Please contact us per e-mail or telephone.


Material Typ Denier Length
PO regrind / HDPE Flakes mixed 4 51 mm
«80 % of PET bottles are recycled, with 35 % going directly back into PET bottle production.»
Hertex AG


We are committed to continually investing in and improving our recycling and sustainability technology. We are also experts in closed loop (bottle to bottle) models.


We have over 40 years of experience trading PET and fiber products. Due to our high level of professionalism and experience, our customers and suppliers have come to trust us as competent and effective partners. We are currently conducting business in 25 countries around the world.

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«Hertex is one of the leading dealers of recycled PET products across Europe»
Hertex AG

Facts & Figures

We have more than 4.000 trucks a year on the road providing reliable on-time deliveries.
We have over 40 years of experience trading PET and fiber products.
billions of PET bottles are traded annually by ship, train and truck.
0 %
Our partner built a next generation PET plant with state-of-the-art technology, allowing them to manufacture a PET resin with the lowest ratio or CO2 per produced KG of PET resin.
Currently we are working in more than 25 countries worldwide.
tons of greenhouse gases per ton of material is saved when recycling PET.